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The Polish Company founded in 2015 with the goal of building the most efficient company manufacturing Home and Personal Care in Central and Eastern Europe. The place of operation is the manufacturing plant at ul. Krakowska 112-116 in Wroclaw bought from PZ Cussons, which was manufacturing from years leading products with leading sales on the market. At this place with 90-year tradition of production of household products E&S Industry began the process of building a strong market player operating primarily in the private label and contract manufacturing businesses.



Washing powders, liquids and washing gel, liquid fabric softeners, stain removers, bleaches, laundry additives, fabric refreshers.


Body care and hair care: liquid soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, shampoos, conditioners, lotions , intimate hygiene, products for children.


The broad portfolio of products for daily cleaning of surfaces: dishwashing products, liquids for floors, universal liquids, toilet gels, window cleaners, scouring creams, cleaning products for kitchens, bathrooms, drain cleaners.



Acting on the highly competitive, modern markets the company must be focused on continuous achieving better and better indicators of effectiveness and efficiency. Such goal guided by E&S Industry – continuous, efficient work on the organization of work, investments in new technologies, applications of unconventional solutions for the best result.


The effectiveness can be achieved only through systematic work over all areas of the company, while respecting the development of the company's employees, caring about the image, quality, environment and safety


Development must be based on innovation. Continuous work on improving products, their applications, allows us to offer what the consumer is looking for in today's market, this is why we keep investing in research and development.




E&S Industry is primarily a producer for large modern retail chains. The new system we offer to Clients permits to get accurate knowledge of the market and the highest standard of quality.

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The resources and business development plan also allows us to work with well-known corporations on an international scale, which are looking for subcontractors to manufacture its products.



Manufacturer's brand portfolio complements the business segments in which E&S Industry operates in a wide range of product portfolio.


E&S Industry S.A.
Headquarters & Production Plant
ul. Krakowska 112-116, 50-427 Wrocław, Poland

tel.: +48 71 37 00 599
fax: +48 71 37 00 464
e-mail: office@e-sindustry.com

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